On your scheduled cleaning day, we will show up to your curb the day after your trash and/or recycling is collected. You will be notified via text that we are on our way with our specialty equipment to clean your bins curbside.

Once your bins are lowered into the hopper and over our 360 cleaning heads, your trash bins are cleaned simultaneously. Blasting water at a temperature of 200° which creates a 'STEAM-CLEAN' that DISINFECTS, SANITIZES & DEODORIZES your trash bins and/or dumpsters without using any harmful chemicals.

During this entire cleaning process, all the hazardous wastewater collects in our hopper which drains directly into a holding tank located on our truck. By doing so, we can assure you that nothing hazardous has been left behind that could pollute your property and our waterways.

Our final step is to spray the inside with an ECO-FRIENDLY odor neutralizer leaving them smelling better than ever.

When your service is complete, we will return your trash bins to your desired location.

Yes, it is really that easy. Think of us as your trash bin cleaning concierge.

Can't wait to welcome you to the Garden State Bins™ family.

Allow us to exceed your expectations. Just line them up and let us do the rest.